Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As I Was Saying . . .

So just back on Monday I posted about how whenever Micah would happen to sleep through the night, other people would have problems, so I would still not get a full night's sleep.

Well . . . last night I got the girls and Micah into bed by 8:30, and then I left to pick Nathan up from Civil Air Patrol (Bob is TDY this week). When we got home, Luke was lying on the couch. A little while later he leaned over the side of the couch and threw up into the trash can. Huh. A little while later he threw up again. I stayed up until 11:30 to see if he needed anything, but when he went upstairs to lay on the hallway floor (his choice, LOL), I went to bed too. But first I checked on Micah as well as the girls, like I always do. Micah was fine, but as soon as I walked into the girls' room, I knew someone had thrown up, because the smell hit me like a wall. A little investigation determined it was Grace, who had apparently thrown up next to her pillow, sat up, thrown up again down by her feet, and then, completely inexplicably, lay back down again and went back to sleep. She was, to put it mildly, a big stinky mess.

As I gingerly tried to extricate her from the mess and scrape some of the more solid stuff into the trash, Faith, who was sleeping on the trundle bed I was standing on, got up on all fours and threw up on her bed. Ack! Now I had a war on 2 fronts to deal with! I got both girls stripped, as well as the beds, and I put Grace in my shower, since she had vomit in her hair. I left her there while I tried to get Faith changed and settled in again. I put new sheets on her bed, and then ran back to check on Grace, who was crying in the shower and making no effort to wash any part of herself. That is the problem with showers that are taken at midnight! So I got her washed and then decided she would sleep in my bed, since she has a track record of having a sensitive stomach and vomiting often once she gets started. But then I heard Faith crying, so I ran in just in time to see her vomit on her bed again. Ack! One more sheet (bottom only this time), and a towel over the pillow. During this time, Luke had thrown up a few more times, but he can be relied on to always hit the trash can, and he can wipe his mouth up by himself.

So i got the girls settled and went back to bed. About 15 minutes later, a little after 1:00, Caleb threw up, although he managed to hit the trash can as well. Yay!

I went back to bed for a few minutes, until I heard Grace make a funny noise. I leaned over, pulled her upright, grabbing the trashcan in the process, and forced her head into it, right as she threw up. Lightning reflexes, LOL! I was very glad she didn't mess up my sheets! I had to do that at least 3 more times during the (very long) night, so having Grace sleep with me was definitely the best option.

So Caleb threw up again, as did Faith, and around 3:30 Anna started whining and complaining that her stomach hurt. I knew it was only a matter of time, and sure enough she threw up for the first time around 4:00. She threw up once more, and Grace threw up for the last time around 5:30. So then I got 2 whole hours of sleep before Micah woke up at 7:30 . . . Micah, who had slept the entire night, from 8:30 until 7:30. Sigh. It is indeed some kind of cosmic conspiracy.

So we canceled Latin for today, and everyone is just sitting around. Well, actually Micah, Jonathan, and Nathan seem perky! I am so hoping they don't throw up all this night. I think I'm going to start a video for the girls and then go take a nap!

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