Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas Weekend

We had our big Christmas meal on Christmas Eve, in the afternoon, and then we went on to the candlelight service at the base chapel. I think I am going to make this our new tradition, because it was so nice on Christmas to just be able to heat up leftovers, and not have to worry about cooking stuff while trying to watch people open presents!

Look at all those beautiful girls in their Christmas dresses! We went to church Christmas morning at the chapel, then we came home and ate a quick meal of leftovers before opening our presents.

We all got some really neat presents (and the best part is that they all fit in the van for the drive back!). Lots of games, legos, and other fun things.

Nathan has been talking about how he would like a hatchet, so my dad gave him his old Boy Scout hatchet!

Then we had our birthday party for Jesus. After we ate our cake, we looked through catalogs to decide what our birthday gift to Jesus was going to be. After much discussion, we settled on a goat and 2 chickens, plus a share in a deepwater well. I think we ended up going with the World Vision catalog. Looking through those catalogs makes us wish we could give a thousand times more--so many needs!

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