Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Alive

Hey, it's me! We didn't all succumb to the dreaded plague! In fact, I never even got sick! Nathan and Jonathan did, though--last Wednesday night. They felt better by Friday. Funny Jonathan story though: I was soooo tired last Wednesday night, due to my being up all the previous night dealing with various vomiting children. So when Jonathan came in around 2:00 in the morning to tell me he had thrown up, I didn't even open my eyes.

Me: "Did you throw up in the trash can?"

Jonathan: "I think so."

So I stumbled into his room, tied up his trash can bag, took it downstairs to the big trash can, and stumbled back to bed, all with my eyes barely open. I did register that his trash can didn't really smell, which should have been a big red flag, but like I said--I was tired! Jonathan came into bed with me and threw up several more times, but each time he hit the trashcan like champ, and by the end, I just had a ton of bags lining the trash can, and I would just reach over, tie up the thrown-up-in bag, smoosh it down, and leave the trash can ready for another shot.

Anna came into my room about 4:00 to ask if she could use the potty in my bathroom, because there was throw-up in (on? I wasn't really listening, LOL) her potty. I told her (with my eyes still shut) to flush her potty, but that she could certainly use mine.

But when Jonathan came back into my room (at some point he left? I wasn't awake for that!) to tell me he needed to use my potty because there was throw-up all over their potty, I finally woke up enough to realize that indeed Jonathan had NOT thrown up at all in the trash can. I mentioned that to Jonathan, who said, "Oh yeah! I was peeing, and then all of a sudden I had to throw up, and it went all over the back of the potty!" LOL! Glad it all came back to him!

So I found myself scrubbing the toilet at 5:00 in the morning. I will say that I think my attitude was a little better than if I had been doing it at 2:00, but still . . .

When I got up to get Micah at 7:30, and Nathan told me he had also thrown up a few times during the night, but had not needed me, he became my new favorite child, LOL.

Bob was TDY this week as well. When I drove back home from picking up Nathan from Civil Air Patrol on Tuesday night, I was praying I would not come home to find anyone lying on the couch, sick, like I found last week! Thankfully everyone was well, so the only thing I just had to deal with was getting all the boys to and from their various basketball practices by myself. And I'll take that over dealing with vomit any day!

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