Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas Downtime

It was so nice to have some downtime during this break! We all got a lot of games for Christmas, so much time was spent playing them! The boys got Settlers of Catan, plus the expansion pack so a total of 6 people could play. That is proving to be a very popular game! They also got a card game called Quidler, plus a game called "Sort It Out", where you're given a weird collection of things which you have to organize in some given order. Here's an example: Sort these things by length, from longest to shortest: average female sea lion, anaconda, giant salamander, a yardstick, and a bootlace worm. You have to get each item in the right position, so you can basically have them all but one in the correct order, but you put that one wrong one in the first place, so it pushed all the rest off a place, and then you get credit for none of them being right. The good thing about this game is you pretty much have as much a chance of getting things right by randomly guessing than if you have some idea of what is right. So Jonathan never won, but he hung out in the middle of the pack, when he had no idea about pretty much all the cards!

The girls got some fun games too, which were played by all. A big favorite was a charades game Dan and Melinda gave to Emily. All the younger kids thought that was great fun. The Princess Memory game was also a favorite.

One thing I really love to do is work jigsaw puzzles. One day when I was in Barnes and Noble I saw this 1000 piece puzzle, which I just loved. I hope you can see the picture clearly, but it's a grandma and grandpa sitting in their huge library--but then as you look down the hallways, you see that the books stretch out in every direction! My dream house! So we gave that to Mom and Dad as a Christmas present, and then we brought up the old card table and actually started it Tuesday. It was a fun puzzle to work because there were lots of separate areas you could do. Luke finished it up Friday morning!

I was also able to spend some time just reading, which was so relaxing. I read the second book in the new 39 Clues series, which was a quick read. I also read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, about the woman whose cancer cells became the hela line. Absolutely fascinating!! I am going to have the boys read that book next summer before we start biology at Rivendell. Christine has recommended the book after her book club read it, and I was so glad I read it! I also finally got started on the 3rd Harry Potter book. I read the first 2 in August, but then Rivendell started, and I have pretty much had no time for pleasure reading. I need to finish that up tomorrow so I can take it back to the library! We also listened to about half to The Lightning Thief on CD on our long trip home. We have the book, so right now Jonathan is finishing it up, then Caleb is in line, and then me.

Wow--puzzles, reading--what a lovely break! We don't start back at Rivendell until Jan. 10, so I technically have some more break time. But now I really need to do more prep work for science and Latin, plus I still have goals for cleaning and decluttering, so I think my break is more or less over. Wah. It was good while it lasted, and it was so nice being at my mom's house, where I wasn't constantly reminded off all the stuff in the house I need to clean and organize!

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