Saturday, May 26, 2012

Anna and Grace

 Anna got glasses!  At her 6 year old physical, she didn't do so well on her vision screening, so I had to take her in to get her eyes checked at the eye doctor's office.  Nathan was also due for a check, so I took them both last Friday.  Nathan's eyes got worse this year, so he got new glasses as well (no pictures though--sorry!).  Anna had tons of problems, especially with her right eye.  The doctor ended up having to dilate her eyes because Anna was "overfocusing".  It turns out Anna is far-sighted, with a really weak right eye, so we're patching her left eye for 45 minutes a day, and she has these nifty pink bifocal glasses!  This picture was right after she got them, so she still looks kind of uncomfortable in them, but she's been doing well with wearing them.  She looks like a little librarian!  So cute!

And here is Grace, showing off the gap where her 2 bottom front teeth used to be! 

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