Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grace!!

Grace turned 5 today!  I think she is glad she eventually did decide to come out 5 years ago!  I know I am, LOL.  Grace is such a sweetie.  We tease Luke by saying she is his "Mini-Me".  She is so much like he was at her age!  But we need another person who finds things and makes sure other people are where they are supposed to be around here . . .

Grace is reading now, and she also loves hidden picture-type books.  She loves dancing around and singing as well.  She's not as big into being outside as some of the others though--she would rather stay inside where it's quiet and do her own thing!

Today we had a busy day, but we did fit in some celebrating!  We had Rivendell at our house, since the elementary co-op finished up last week.  We made brownies with chocolate mint frosting to share with everyone (all were gobbled up!) at lunch.  Grace picked, of all things, hot dogs in crescent rolls for her birthday dinner, so I was actually able to make those in the short amount of time between the end of Rivendell and having to get Nathan off to CAP.  We even fit in present-opening during that time!  Grace got a big cardboard castle that you color from us.  I actually bought it at Christmas, knowing Grace would like it and realizing it would not be at Walmart when her birthday rolled around.  Good call for me!  She also got some books, some clothes, lots of fun coloring/sticker/hidden picture books, and a $5 bill from one of her aunts and uncles, which was a source of huge excitement, LOL.   And right after Rivendell was over, while Christine and I were sitting outside watching the little ones play, our Rainbow Resource order arrived, containing, among other things, new phonics, handwriting, and math books for Grace!  This may not seem that exciting, but trust me--it is VERY exciting for 5 year old girls!

We're going to make cake pops to take to Bible study on Friday night, so we'll keep on celebrating until then!

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Pilot Mom said...

This pic is the first time I see a strong resemblence between Anna and Grace!!! :)