Saturday, May 19, 2012

Forced Rest

This week has been a busy one.  We had our last day of Rivendell on Tuesday, and I've been preparing for 3 days of standardized testing next week, which I am in charge of for our bigger co-op.  Wednesday morning we had a wonderful time with friends out west, then hurried back for 3 orthodontic appointments after lunch, followed by having company for dinner.  Thursday morning I watched the daughter of a friend (no extra work for me though--the 4 girls had such a grand time playing together!), then had my weekly one-on-one Bible study with Kimberly.  I rushed home from that and took Jessica L back home (she comes Thursday afternoons to help Anna and Grace with their reading) and dropped Nathan off to mow.  Bob was out of town too.

So Friday I awoke with many plans involving organizing and moving a ton of pictures and scrapbooking stuff from a room in our basement.  Instead, my intestines did not cooperate.  I got absolutely nothing done, not even eating breakfast.  Eventually I got tired of spending all my time in the bathroom, so as soon as Micah went down for his morning nap at 10:15, I went back to bed too.  Fortunately I was able to sleep a few hours, and I did feel better when I woke up, although still not hungry at all.  I was able to take Anna and Nathan to their eye doctor appointments though--I was certain that would be possible in the morning! 

By yesterday evening I was feeling pretty normal, so I went to sleep planning on going to Jessica's graduation ceremony this morning.  But alas, when I woke up my tummy was still not feeling . . . settled . . . so I opted to stay home and lay low instead.  So many plans . . .  I guess this was the Lord's way of telling me I may possibly not be resting enough, LOL.  Once again, I felt much better in the afternoon.

I was able to sit and sort pictures in the basement though.  That was a fun trip down memory lane for me!  I saw a picture of Ed L's retirement, and Bob was holding Micah . . . except Micah wasn't born then, so it must have been Jonathan!  It was fun looking at random pictures that hadn't been filed from back in Colorado and Ohio.  The boys looked so young!  I was reminded of how much I really enjoyed scrapbooking, and how much I miss it.  That is one of my sacrifices for homeschooling through high school--I just don't have the time or mental energy to scrap right now.  Some year . . . maybe 18 years from now?!  Ha!  I'm hoping that in another couple of years Rivendell prep won't take so much time.  Then maybe I'll be able to have an actual hobby again!

So it was a restful day.  Hopefully this was what was needed.  I've got another busy week planned next week . . .

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