Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Happenings

This is a catch-up post, since I keep meaning to blog about these things, but never do.  Here are some random things that have happened somewhat recently:

--Grace lost her first 2 teeth.  She lost the first one over the weekend while she was putting on her nightgown  The second one came out this morning.  They're both on the bottom, in the front, so now she has a nice gap for straws.

--Anna is riding without training wheels.  This actually happened quite awhile ago (March, maybe), as soon as we got the bikes out from the shed.  She was pretty much ready last summer, so she just needed a short sessions with Bob, and away she went, never looking back!

--Micah finally did teach himself to go backwards down steps, with a lot of encouragement from Luke.  So now it's nice that I don't have to worry about him at the top of stairs anymore!

--Nathan got awarded a full scholarship to Civil Air Patrol encampment!  He had to fill out an application and write an essay.  Christine Mc and Ed L wrote letters of recommendation for him that were absolutely wonderful--I'm sure they were what pushed him over the edge!

--I dropped my still-quite-new phone Friday night, and the upper left corner shattered.  No, we didn't buy insurance, and no, I obviously didn't have one of those hard nifty cover things for it.  Grrr.  I was getting out of the big van, and I pulled the diaper bag over my lap  The diaper bag turned over a bit, and the phone slid out and fell onto the road.  The big van is high up!  I'm praising the Lord that it still works.  Two months down in a 2 year contract--then I can go back to a regular phone.  The funny thing is, Nathan had just asked me that afternoon if I was liking the phone any more!  I'm really not.  I never use it for anything other than making calls, so it is a total waste that we are paying money for it to be a smartphone.  Now I have to nurse it along.  Oh well--like I said, at least it still makes calls!

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