Saturday, May 12, 2012

Commissary Bargain

Caleb and I made a huge trip to the commissary yesterday.  In March, Luke and I went, so it's been awhile.  The big bargain we found--this huge, 40 pound box of bananas for $2.00.  That's a lot of bananas for $2.00!  We do go through a lot of bananas, but probably not 40 pounds of them, so now I'm wondering about the best way to freeze them.  Should I peel them, lay them on a cookie sheet, freeze them, and put them in a ziploc bag?  We'll definitely use them for smoothies.  And I'll keep some out to get really ripe for muffins, banana bread, and frosted banana cookies (Caleb's favorite!).  No matter what, how can you go wrong for $2.00?!


Pilot Mom said...

Claire, I found that it is best to peel them first before freezing. What a great deal!!

Lynnea said...

I peel them, break them into three or four pieces and put them in a zip lock bag. They work great for smoothies!