Friday, May 04, 2012

Cake Pops!

Tonight we celebrated Grace, Bob, and Amy P.'s birthdays at Bible study!  I brought rice krispie treats, chips and dip, and Hello Kitty cakepops.

I had seen someone link to these absolutely adorable Hello Kitty cakepops on the Bakerella website a while ago.  I convinced Grace to want these for her birthday because they looked pretty easy and were so cute.

Well--they weren't actually all that easy.  I realized that Bakerella must have dipped hers 2 times, but I didn't have time for that, what with all the appointments at Bethesda this week.  I also didn't flatten the balls enough.  I did use vanilla pudding instead of frosting to mix the cake pops with, and that was a vast improvement--not so sickly sweet. 

I ran over to Michaels Wednesday night to grab whatever I could find.  I was hoping for an "edible ink pen", since that is what the recipe recommended, but no luck.  So I picked up these little tubes of frosting that were for writing--practically the same thing, right?!  Well, not exactly.  I had so much trouble with them!  The red and yellow tubes were made by Wilton, and they were soooo runny.  So a good deal of the kitties look like they have chicken beaks for noses, and the red glob of frosting connected the 2 halves of the bow ran down onto the faces.  Bakerella used yellow mini chips for noses and red mini m&ms for the bow part, but I didn't have those either, and I thought frosting would be easier.  Ha!  The black tube was by the Charm City Cakes guy, and it had the opposite problem--it was so thick, I had to keep running it under hot water to be able to squeeze it out, so the whiskers ended up being quite thick!  When Grace first saw the cake pops with the faces drawn on, she said, all excitedly, "Hello Kitty . . . indians!"  It was funny.  Next time this inspiration hits, I'm definitely ordering an edible ink pen from Amazon, LOL.  The girls had a great time helping me, especially with the bows.  Poor Hello Kitty--I had to later reposition several of the bows because they were smack dab in the middle of her face!

They look okay from a distance, but in actuality, every single one of them had some glaring problem.  Not my best work!  But they were tasty, and everyone enjoyed them!

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