Saturday, May 04, 2013

Anniversary Celebration!

On April 17, Bob's parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary!  This is a huge milestone, definitely worthy of honor, so we, as well as all Bob's siblings, had a party for them on April 20.  Bob's sister Ann did a wonderful job setting everything up!
 Bob's parents picked a nice restaurant, which had several big seating areas.  They set up 4 large round tables for us on a dance floor area.  The wood floor was surrounded by these metal arches.  Throughout the whole night, I would catch myself thinking these areas were mirrors, when in fact, they were open, so it was always a jolt to me to see my kids going right through them, LOL.
 Our kids took up a whole table!  Aunt Jane snuck in the picture too!  Bob and I, along with Drew, sat at the next table with some of his nieces and a nephew, as well as his brother Paul.  The food was really good!  I had roast beef, and Bob got "scrod".  We weren't sure what that was when he ordered it, but the restaurant said it was one of their most popular dishes.  It's a whitefish, we now know, and it was tasty.  The nicest part was dessert--the restaurant makes their own pies, and they were yummy!  There were a ton of choices--lemon meringue, apple, dutch apple, chocolate, coconut cream . . . I had chocolate, of course, and Bob had coconut cream, since he never gets anything coconut at home, unfortunately, LOL.   
 Bob's parents had a small ceremony, because Ann's mom had died just 3 months earlier.  They were married in their church, but they didn't have a reception or anything.  So Bob's sister Ann had the good idea to do the traditional reception things with them!  So Bob's dad took off the garter and threw that, Bob's mom threw a small bouquet of flowers, and they cut a cake Ann made and fed it to each other!  Then they even danced!
Jonathan caught the garter, and Anna caught the bouquet, so I hope no one else in Bob's extended family is hoping to get married anytime soon, LOL.  Jonathan gave the garter to Anna, who decided it made a better headband. 

It was a really lovely evening.  It was really nice to visit with all Bob's siblings, plus most of their kids.  My deep regret is that we didn't take any family pictures!  After all the reception stuff, the waitresses started clearing the tables, and a local band started setting up to play at 8:00.  So we all felt like it was time to leave, and I didn't even think about pictures until we were driving back to VA the next day!  So hopefully we can all get back together in 5 more years to celebrate their 70th anniversary, and then we'll take lots of pictures!

We actually went up to PA Friday afternoon, and we left Sunday afternoon, so it was a nice visit.  The weather was cold though!  I had to dig back out long pants for everyone!  Although it was colder, it was still sunny, so some of the kids and adults were able to go on walks.  Bob's sister Rose and her girls brought their dog Tucker, who was so cute.  At first the girls and Micah were really afraid of him, but they eventually warmed up and got a lot more comfortable with him.  They took a long walk Saturday afternoon with him, and another one Sunday!  And of course there was lots of food and card playing back at Bob's parents' house. 

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