Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day(s)!

I have had a great weekend!  It started Friday, when I checked the mail.  There was a little package addressed to me from Joy down in Texas!  She and her husband Dan are friends with my brother and his wife, and they had stayed with us back in October when they came to D.C. for a little kidless vacation.  I knew Joy makes beautiful jewelry because I follow her business ("Wire We Here"--is that a great name?!) on Facebook, so I was cautiously hopeful that this mysterious package might contain something she had made . .  And it did!  She made a beautiful necklace with stones for all 9 kids!  I LOVE it!  And then I found out that her husband Dan had collaborated with Bob to get the birth months of everyone, so it was truely a group effort!  What a wonderful surprise!
Saturday night we all went out west to hear a friend named Katie play a benefit piano concert.  She's the same age as Nathan, and she is an incredibly gifted pianist, having won many, many awards, and played many special places, like the Kennedy Center.  She is going on a missions trip this summer, so this concert was to raise money for her team.  It was such a lovely concert.  I would have enjoyed it more without Drew and Micah, LOL, but it is good to expose everyone to good classical music!  Drew needed to eat in the middle of the concert, but unfortunately he did not want to just settle in and start nursing without fussing around and wrestling with the nursing cover.  So we beat a hasty retreat and I nursed him out in the foyer.  Micah made it 2/3 of the way through before he really just wanted to talk.  Not a ton, but considering the rest of the sanctuary was as silent as a tomb, except for the notes of the piano, it would have been distracting.  So Bob came out to the foyer, right about as I was ready to go back in.  Everyone else did just fine, I am pleased to report!  Still, it was a very refined and enjoyable way to spend the evening!  I will note that certain philistine members of the family were more concerned about the score of the hockey game, but even they listened politely . . .

Yesterday, the actual "Mother's Day", Jonathan made me breakfast in bed, and then he and Caleb gave me a massage!  I also got several lovely homemade cards from the girls, and Bob had already brought home beautiful roses.  In the afternoon, Bob grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, since I have absolutely no interest in going out to eat on a super crowded day with my huge clan, LOL.  I got to skype with my parents, which is always fun, and I also had a nice conversation with Bob's sister Jane, which was a treat!

Tonight just Bob and I went out to dinner (MUCH more enjoyable than taking everyone, LOL).  To be honest, we were also celebrating the end of my year of biology.  The AP biology test was this morning, so now it is officially all over!  Woo-hoo!!  We went to Genghis Grill, since we had a coupon for a free bowl for Bob's birthday.  Then we headed over to Costco for dessert.  Did you know that you can get these amazingly yummy hand-dipped chocolate-covered ice cream bars, rolled in chopped roasted almonds, for only $1.50?!  Bob and I shared one, and it was just the perfect ending to a great evening!

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