Thursday, May 16, 2013

Micah and Drew

Micah turned 2 on April 9, and Drew turned 4 months on (*cough*) March 30, and today they finally had their 2 year and 4 month well-baby appointments this afternoon.  What can I say--April was a busy month!  I took Jonathan along as my designated older helper, and he was indespensible, as usual.  How did I do it without older helpers?!

We had the nicest doctor.  I know I always say that, but really, I love the pediatric doctors at Bethesda!  I was a tad bit worried because I knew that Drew hasn't gained all that much weight--he's only 14.1 pounds at almost 6 months.  He was in something like the 57th percentile for weight at his 2 month well-baby appointment, and now he's in the 7th percentile, LOL.  Sound familiar?!  But he is obviously healthy, active, and alert, and I told the doctor that this is generally how we grow kids.  It was a good thing I had Jonathan along as an example, because Micah weighs 29.6 pounds, and is in the 65th percentile for weight AND height!  He is such an outlier for our family.  He's going to pass up his older brothers in no time at all, while Drew will be the scrawny little brother forever, LOL. 

Drew now has his second tooth through, and he has been sleeping better.  Since he wasn't sleeping well the past few weeks, I started him on some rice cereal, which he likes, and now sweet potatoes, which he is not yet so fond of.  Now that the teeth are through, he is sleeping better again.  Yay!  He's pushing up on all fours, but if he rocks, he just topples forward.  He still won't roll from back to front, even though I think he could.  He loves the exersaucer, the every-faithful Johnny Jump-Up (now on its 13th kid!), and all his older siblings, who adore him back.

Micah finally started talking more a few months ago, although no one would ever say he is a "verbal" child, LOL.  But he's saying a lot more words, and putting words together.  He is very physically coordinated though.  Since he's big and coordinated, people think he is older than he is--until he talks!  Micah loves being outside.  He'd be out all day if I would let him!  He loves balls, the trampoline, his scooter, running around, pretty much whatever.  It also looks like he is outgrowing (has outgrown?) his milk allergy.  He's gotten into stuff like pudding lately and has not had any reaction.  I haven't actually tried straight-up milk yet.  Maybe now that school is done.  That would be so nice if he really has!  Anna outgrew hers at 2, so there is a precedent . . .

Micah and Drew got some shots today, which did not thrill either of them.  Amazingly, the immunization clinic was not busy at all, and we got in and out of there fairly quickly!  I left here at 9:00 for appointments at 10:00 and 10:30, plus immunizations, and we got back home around 12:30!  I think that's a record, LOL. 

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