Thursday, May 09, 2013

Birthday Week!

Last week, we had 2 special birthdays!  Grace turned 6 on Wednesday, and Bob turned . . . well, a year older, on Thursday!  Those 2 days happen to be the busiest of our week, since Caleb and Jonathan have flag football practice those nights, and Bob is their coach.  That just meant we had to prolong the celebrations!

We kicked things off Tuesday by going out to CiCi's Pizza before dropping Nathan and Luke off at Civil Air Patrol.  Wednesday was even busier than usual because we had to have our second weekly biology class that evening, instead of Thursday afternoon.  But Grace picked the complicated dish of "hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls" for her birthday, so I did manage to make that for her, LOL. 
She opened presents after Bob and the boys got home.  She got some Lego Friends, a sparkling coloring pad, and a build-it-and-decorate-it-yourself birdhouse, which was from my parents.  This has sparked an interest in birds throughout the house, so we;ve stocked up on bird library books.  I have always wished I was more familiar with birds, like Amy, so maybe this is my big chance!  Even Micah is big into birds--he will stand looking out the storm door and say, "Bird. . .  bird . . ." all day if you let him!

The day was too much for Faith, and she missed out on the ice cream by falling alseep on the couch!  Everyone else enjoyed a ton of birthday ice cream flavors.  I actually picked them out a few days before.  One of them was Junior Mint.  I love Junior Mints, so I thought that would be yummy.  Well--it's not, LOL.  It tastes really strong.  Not bad, just more like eating Altoids ice cream, except without the nasty Altoids licorice flavor.

Poor Bob didn't even get his birthday dinner until tonight!  I actually went to the commissary on his birthday, where I picked up a turkey.  He loves turkey, but I didn't get around to putting the rub on and letting it sit in the fridge overnight until last night, so tonight was the big meal.  Everyone agreed, it smelled like Thanksgiving!  We had a modified meal--just turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, and green beans.

Last Friday we were finally able to make Grace's cupcakes and sing to her and Bob!  She picked green and purple frosting for her cupcakes, and she frosted them, along with help from various siblings.  That is why it looks like it could possibly be an ancient alphabet written on the tops, LOL.  They sure had fun decorating them!  Grace of course picked Funfetti as the cake flavor, even though Luke was rooting for her to pick chocolate.  But what girl can resist sprinkles?!  Bob was a good sport as usual in sharing his cake opportunity and agreeing to purple and green frosted cupcakes!

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