Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things No One Warns You About . . .

I'm having a painful few days here.  I have 2 canker sores in my mouth, plus I totally burned my poor tongue by drinking (really!) hot chocolate Sunday morning.

But mainly I'm sore because Drew chomped on me during the cold Friday night.  He wasn't so much hungry, and I was nursing just to keep him from crying to disturb the other campers, who weren't all that far away!  He bit down hard and then turned his head, pulling on me as well.  It hurt then, but boy, it REALLY hurts now!  I told the boys it would be like smashing their finger with a hammer, and then having to suck really hard on that finger every 3 hours or so.  Sometimes it bleeds, so it sticks to my nursing pad.  I'm just achy and crabby!  I've been taking motrin, but there's really nothing else to do, since it's internal bruising.  Unfortunately, Drew is teething his top teeth now, so he's been getting up at 3:00 and 6:00 the past few nights, so I'm not even able to go a long stretch. 

And thus, the huge downside of having early teethers . . .  I am pretty sure I had never heard anyone complain about this before I had Nathan!  Although, just to document for future purposes, Caleb, Anna, and Micah were my worst offenders.  Caleb and Micah were my earliest teethers (2 teeth at 3 months), and Anna was demonstrating her extreme displeasure about my milk changing when I unexpectedly got pregnant with Grace when Anna was 4 months old, LOL.  I had to stop nursing her at 7 months because she wouldn't suck long enough for me to let down before she would start biting!

So now I wait for Drew to wake up, dreading nursing with every fiber of my being.  I actually gave him a bottle yesterday because I was hurting so much and didn't want to deal with it!  He has been refusing bottles for the past several weeks, but I used a different kind of nipple, and he did take that.  Hmmmm . . . maybe I'll have the boys give him another bottle, and I'll head off to Sams . . . Who knew I would be more excited about Sams than nursing?!

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Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Baking soda on canker sores is like a miracle! It hurts like crazy but it heals them quite quickly. I put it on as often as I can stand - 10 times a day or whenever I think about it. Wet your finger and stick it in the baking soda and then apply that to your sore. I let it stay on for as long as I can stand. Hope it helps! I know how miserable the sores can be.