Tuesday, May 28, 2013


With the end of testing last Wednesday, the year is officially over for us (exception:  Nathan, who has to take the SAT II biology and Spanish subject tests on Saturday)!  (Other exception:  not everyone finished their math and English books, so they have to continue working in those.  Also, we slacked off on Latin the last quarter . .  also history for the younger boys . . . ) Okay, we are never really done.  But my big responsibilities are done, so I am feeling light as a feather!

And it was just in time too.  I was starting to lose it, as evidenced by these 2 examples.  Last Tuesday only Nathan decided to go to CAP.  After a late dinner, Bob took the middle 5 swimming, so it was just Luke, Micah, Drew, and me at home.  Micah was filthy dirty, so I decided to give him a bath, and I knew he would just love being all by himself in the tub.  So I got him going and he was having a grand time in there--when I suddenly *really* looked at my watch, noticing the hour as well as the minute.  It was 9:20!  CAP ends at 9:00!  For some reason I was an hour off in my mind, thinking it was only 8:00, not 9:00!  Whoops!  I yelled for Luke to come get Micah dressed, and I leaped into the van, certain that Nathan must be frantic with worry.  I expected to have half a dozen missed calls on my cell, but to my surprise, there were none!  I called Nathan, who said if there had to be a night for me to be really, really late, that night was it.  A former cadet, who had just graduated from AFROTC at Alabama, was back visiting as he waited to get commissioned, so people were stayed late and talking to him.  So I pulled into the parking lot at 9:40, and Nathan wasn't even the last person there!  *Whew*

Then Wednesday afternoon, after testing was all over, Luke had an orthodontist appointment.  After he finished, we headed over to Sams to pick up some last-minute things for our camping trip (another post!).  I was so pleased to find my favorite cashier, and as I chose her line, I said, "I always pick your line because you are the best at packing my cart!"  She is a woman after my own heart--every item is placed, like in Tetris, into just the right spot!  A work of art!  Anyhow, after Zahida finished scanning everything, I was ready to pay--but I couldn't find my credit card!  I mildly panicked, but like I said to Luke, I showed it to the guy to come into Sams . . . where could it have gotten to?  That's when Zahida said, "Umm, isn't this your credit card?" sitting there on top of the machine?  Why yes, because I had given it to her before she started scanning everything, except I had no recollection of doing so, LOL.  How many years have we been Sams members?  How many times a month do I go?  Clearly I was cracking up, just a short step away fron the looney bin!  A nice long summer break is just what I need!

Testing actually went really well, I thought.  I think I learned a lot from last year, and this year a lot of new people got certified as testers, so that was great.  I felt more comfortable with everything, although I was still immensely relieved to send off that 25 pound box of tests Thursday morning!  Ahhh . . . summer break!!

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