Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anna is One!

It's hard to believe, but Anna turned 1 today! Wow, a year goes by so fast! Here is what I posted last year about her birth, in case you feel the urge to reminisce. We just had a small party here at home for her, with our neighbors down the street joining us for cake and ice cream. I was thrilled to make a PINK butterfly cake--no weapons at all, LOL! Anna was not a big fan of the cake at first, but after I sort of smooshed up her piece for her, she did eat it all, along with some strawberry sorbet. She is definitely feeling better today, thank the Lord!


Pilot Mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday precious Anna! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better! Yea!

I love your pretty cake! And pink is such a wonderful color for such a pretty girl!

Dy said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Anna! (Emily wasn't thrilled with her cake at first, either.) You have grown SO much this year, and have brought so many smiles and giggles. We hope this next year is just as delightful and wonderful! (And we're ever so glad you're feeling better.)

(Claire, it's pretty wild to make a non-threatening cake, isn't it? That made me giggle. Thanks for sharing Anna's year with us.)