Thursday, March 29, 2007

How a One-Year-Old Amuses Herself

First, she ensures that Mommy is sufficiently distracted. Then she climbs onto the coffee table by way of a conveniently placed chair. Next she proceeds to empty an almost new box of Kleenex--one of the big boxes is ideal. After all the kleenex are out of the box, she goes ahead and shreds several for good measure, eating whatever pieces strike her little fancy. Then she tosses several largish shreds around and on the floor to complete the effect--hey, it's like snow! Voila! Fun in a box! See how proud and happy she is! What a stinker!

1 comment:

Pilot Mom said...

A stinker with a great big beautiful smile! Hey, has she been around Cocoa lately? He has started pulling the t.p off the roller and shredding it. One would think he was a cat instead of a dog!!! ;)