Saturday, March 24, 2007

" . . .the cute one"

Nathan had his last Upward basketball game today. His team remained undefeated, and I must say that Nathan's ball handling skills dramatically improved over the course of the season. I was sitting next to another team mom this morning, and she asked which one was my son. I pointed out "the short blonde one", and she said, "Oh! The cute one! My daughter--she's 9--she always says to me, 'Mom, he's sooo cute!' " LOL! And so it starts already. Where's my big stick?! : )

Bob stayed home with Anna this morning. Her fever is not coming up as often, and she is eating a little more, but she is still pretty sick. She also is having diarrhea, so that doesn't help anything. She is still up for an hour, then napping for 2 or 3. It's like having a newborn! I guess it will just be a slow road to get over this thing.


mattkimuber said...

Oh goodness, not ready for those moments!! I am sorry to hear that Anna is not well. I will be praying for her. So the count down is here for baby Bolha.

Well it was good to catch up on the happens of you and the family. I love your entries.

Its hard to believe, we will be leaving for OH in 7-8 weeks.

Dy said...

Oh, my! LOL! That's sweet. He is adorable (though I strongly suspect we're talking two completely different contexts! lol)

Congratulations on a great season and improving those skills.