Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anna's New Skill

Anna has mastered climbing the stools in the kitchen, so now she can be at counter level. Obviously she is pretty proud of this feat! A whole new world of things to get into has opened up for her! So now I have to make sure no cups with water are near the edge of the counter. Or knives . . . or glass bowls . . . Yes, I really could have waited for this particular milestone! Anna is such a nosy Nellie who always wants to see what is going on, however, so I'm not surprised that mastering the stool was a bigger priority than walking. She can tell that a lot goes on up there on that counter, and she has very vocally wanted to be in on it! Now she can. It would be helpful if she would also master getting OFF the stool, but that has not happened yet either. Ah well.

I am seriously worried that she will not be walking by the time the new baby is born, a mere 7 weeks away. She has really shown absolutely no interest in walking, or even really in standing alone. She can stand alone, but she doesn't stay there long before she's down on her knees, crawling away. I think she feels she's quite a good crawler, and she can keep up with the boys that way, so why learn a new skill that will slow her down for awhile until it is mastered?! At least she's not my first baby, with a second coming so close. I do have plenty of helpers to hold her if need be while I deal with the new baby. But it would be so much nicer if she was walking, or at least standing confidently . . .


Chris and Johanna said...

Caden was climbing on and off tables, chairs, and everything else by 7 months and we were sure he would be an early walker. Alas, he did not walk until 11 and a half months. I would say I wish he had just stuck to crawling except he was pretty fast at that too.
Congrats on your new climber.

Dy said...

Oh, maybe it's this particular batch of babies? Emily won't walk, either. She'll stand. She'll stand and dance. She'll climb atop the couch, chairs, the dining table (she can't get down, either, lol) - but walk? Pfft. What a pedestrian (har-de-har) mode of travel for one of their breeding (and available brotherly convoy).

She just gets cuter and cuter, and I really didn't think that was possible.


Beverly said...

What a cutie! I can definitely see the family resemblance in this picture.

Are you getting anxious to see what your new little one will look like? It seems my last weeks of pregnancy I begin to get those thoughts...what will she look like? Will I finally get a brown-eyed child?! What will her personality be like? Which sibling will she "click" with? (Hopefully all of them!) And so on. What fun anticipation!

Pilot Mom said...

Anna Claire is just too cute!!! I think she comes my the 'Nosey Nellie' moniqer quite naturally...uh hum, I believe the gene is from Nana, who passed it on to moi, AC, and obviously passed it on to Anna Claire...I just noticed!!! Anna Claire--AC and Aunt Claire--AC...awww how cute is that?! We truly are named alike. :D

Anonymous said...

Hello: I am on the Taste of Home website on the post "Prayer Circle".
One of our numbers came across your blog last night about Anna being sick (by the way she is so precious!). I just wanted to let you know that our circle is praying for her recovery, and your family, also for the new baby coming along.
P.s. I'm female