Friday, March 09, 2007

Month of Luke

We've been celebrating Luke's 8th birthday for a few weeks now. His actual birthday is Feb. 27, which was the day we drove back from Ohio. Unless you count listening to Henry Huggins and snacking all day to be a celebration, that particular day wasn't filled with birthday cheer. But a few days before, we all went to Young's where we had ice cream, and Luke received some great presents, like a kit on making balloon animals (we've tried a few, and believe me, this is not as easy as those clowns make it look, LOL) and a gift card for Barnes and Noble. He also got a set of Star Wars figures, which made the ride home go a lot faster for him and Nathan! We went to Barnes and Noble the next day so he could pick out his books. The gift card was for $25, and he and Nathan had a great time selecting which books, including tax, would maximize the value of the card. Finally they picked 4 books (Star Wars of course, since I would never buy those for them, LOL), and the total price came to $24.45, due to their careful calculations. Hey, there are adults who can't figure out things like that! Luke was especially thrilled because he got the remaining $.55 in change.

Last night we finally had his special birthday dinner, since we made a huge commissary trip on Wednesday. This is the first time since the beginning of December that we have gone, and let me tell you, the ol' pantry was getting pretty bare! He requested Aunt Amy's lasagna, which we all enjoyed, except for the fact that I forgot to get tomato paste at the commissary and had to make a special trip to the little store down the road. Grrr. We spent over 2 hours and $800 on groceries (I told you it was a huge trip), and I forgot something for a meal the NEXT day! But I digress . . .

Due to my glucose test preparations last week, I didn't feel like making a cake, so we're bringing his cake to Bible study tonight. Luke wanted a Star Wars ship, so we decided on the A-Wing fighter because it looked to be the easiest. We still have the box from the Lego model they got for a present one year, so that is what I will go by. We'll see how that turns out. And I think that tonight will be the final celebration of this 8th birthday!


witw said...

Yikes, that doesn't look like that easy of a cake to me, but I have faith in your previously demonstrated skills!

Beverly said...

Happy birthday, Luke! Great day to be born. :-) I'm thrilled that our baby Kenna arrived on your birthday--better 2 weeks early than 2 weeks late!

Claire, I'm so glad to hear your glucose test results were good. I was also a bit jittery about mine this time around...there is diabetes in our family, and 2 of my friends who were pregnant at the time were dealing with gestational diabetes, so I was nervous going in for that test (the one-hour one). Thankfully, everything was fine. I'm glad you don't have to worry about that anymore!

Pilot Mom said...

Wow! What a great cake! It sounds like Luke (and Nathan) did a fantastic job on all the math calculations regarding the books! I should probably take him along with me whenever I go to buy books.