Friday, March 16, 2007

Pregnancy Hormones Run Amok

I had a doctor's appointment today, which went fine. The kids all went over to the McC's house, which made them very happy, so on the way to pick them up, I stopped by the healthfood store to pick up more of my toothpaste. I have to use toothpaste without sodium laurel sufate (the foaming agent) in it, because otherwise I get terrible cankersores. I love Dr. Burt's lavender mint toothpaste--no SLS, and it tastes good. There are no major brands without this substance in them. Anyhow, there was none on the shelf, so I asked when they would be getting more in. The lady said Burt's Bees has discontinued it. Discontinued it?!! Oh No!!!!!!! What am I going to do? I was so upset; my stomach dropped, and I got a little teary-eyed there in the store. I did start crying when I called Bob to tell him the bad news. Maybe I'll have to buy the recipe from Burt himself and start making my own, LOL. That sounds like something I have time for. Sigh. The third trimester is not a good time for unexpected changes. Now, after a tragedy like this, I am supposed to cook dinner?! LOL


Pilot Mom said...

Oh no, after a tragedy of this magnitude dinner OUT is a NECESSITY!!! LOL!

Are they positive it's been discontinued? Can you contact the manufacturer directly and find out? Pregnancy or no pregnancy that kind of news would bring me tears.

Hang in there.

Bob & Claire said...

Yes, I have already called Burt's Bees, and it was discontinued in January. I fired off an email to their customer service people asking them to reconsider, but I have no hope that this action of mine will in any way change their mind, LOL! So I must find a replacement. I bought a tube of "Waleda Plant Tooth Gel", the only other tooth product at the store with no SLS, to try. It's okay, but it's $4.60 for a tiny tube. Yow!

Chris and Johanna said...

Did you know that Oral B makes a toothpaste without SLS.

Hope to see you guys week after next if you aren't too busy.

Dy said...

Oh, no. I hope you can find some good replacements soon. Would straight baking soda w/ maybe a drop of listerine (to help the taste) work? I was just reading up on SLS in toothpaste, and it's not recommended at all b/c it causes the membranes to dry out, and then crack/fissure, thus increasing risk of bacterial infection. The predominate effect is periodontal disease, but canker sores were also mentioned. Ick.