Saturday, June 23, 2007

Clone Trooper Cake

Here is Nathan's clone trooper cake that we took to Bible study last night. I was actually not that happy with it--I needed to build up the bottom of the mask a bit more. It looked fine when it was just cake, but when I put the icing on, there wasn't as much contrast, and it looked too flat. Oh well. Also, this is a LEGO clone trooper cake--that's why the legs are so short, LOL. I told them I could not do the proportions for a real human type clone.
Nathan was happy with it, but of course, he's my big encourager anyways ("Wow, Mom! I bet not even people who get PAID could make a clone trooper cake like that!" LOL) It took a 10x15 sheet cake plus 2 8-inch rounds, but we had a cast of thousands for Bible study, and we are left with only part of the gun, and a small part of the chest to eat tonight after dinner. Nathan's actual birthday isn't even until tomorrow--I'm not sure there will be any left by then!
As a special birthday treat, we allowed Nathan to borrow Star Wars II--Attack of the Clones from Zachary L. The boys are all downstairs watching it, and I haven't heard a peep from them for 2 hours. How lovely! They say the best gifts are free . . .


Dy said...

That is a great cake! I have an encourager, too, and it makes me feel both encouraged and a bit like I'm pulling the wool over his eyes. But he's happy, and thankful, and enthusiastic - and those usually win out over my own perfectionista nit-picking skills. Aren't we blessed to have encouragers? :-)

Ten. I cannot believe he is ten. WOW.

And that really is a great cake.

Anonymous said...

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