Saturday, June 02, 2007

R2D2 Cake

Jonathan requested another Star Wars cake for his birthday. I "led" the discussion towards R2D2 since 1) we had a small toy of him, so I would have a model, and 2) a trashcan-like shape seemed easy enough, and I didn't feel like I had enough extra brain cells at this point to try something really complicated. I was enthusiastic about R2D2, so Jonathan was too, LOL, and the cake turned out just fine. You will notice that I did not choose to put on the third leg, since the boys all assured me that it was in fact retractable. Next in my "Star Wars cake collection" (previous entry was Luke's A-Wing Fighter cake) will be a clone trooper, since that is what Nathan has requested. His birthday is 3 weeks away. This is when I ask myself why I ever let this elaborate cake tradition get started!


Pilot Mom said...

The cake turned out wonderful! You are very talented when it comes to cake decorating!

Dy said...

Oh my goodness, look at you go! That's a fantastic cake!

You know, I've enjoyed your cake pictures, but the Star Wars Collection theme didn't dawn on me. That's hilarious!


Anonymous said...

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