Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Bunk Bed

Here is the new bunk bed that we bought back in May. We got it assembled in Caleb and Jonathan's room, much to their delight, and Caleb has been sleeping on the top bed for a few nights. That end part that you can barely see is actually a little desk. One of the dressers we got with the bed is also in the room. Right now it is directly across from the double bed, sort of between the 2 windows. Whenever we give the L's back the big dresser/armoire thing we've been using for Caleb and Jonathan, then we'll move this dresser along the wall by the bathroom, where the other thing is now.


Chris and Johanna said...

Nice bed. Better watch Anna -- It won't be long before you find her climbing her way up to the top bunk. LOL

Bob & Claire said...

LOL, she's already mastered that! I have to drag her off the top bunk, kicking and screaming! She's a stinker. : )