Friday, June 15, 2007

Moving On

After I posted Wednesday, I did take lots of Motrin, but it just wasn't doing the job. I was running a fever even with it, and I had such a headache, my skin was so achy, etc. I was so thankful that my post-partum appointment was Thursday morning at 8:00! I felt like a run-over squirrel, but I made it there. Bob was able to stay with the kids, and when I got home, he took the prescription the doctor gave me to Walmart. Wow, the first time for me to get a prescription filled by an off-base pharmacy! How convenient, and I didn't even have to be there! Bob didn't even need my ID card! So the antibiotics are doing their magic, and I am feeling much better today. Yesterday I just laid around all day, but today we actually got school done. I was so glad I could catch it early. If I had waited to see someone, then I'm sure I would have ended up at Bethesda in the ER this weekend, really feeling terrible.

I'm not the only one having troubles. Bob's dad had 2 seizures of some sort yesterday, and he spent the night in the hospital for observation. He had one a few weeks ago, and the doctors decided he was reacting to some new gout medicine, so he stopped that. Well, obviously the medicine wasn't the cause. The doctors said it wasn't a stroke, but we can't think of what it could be. When he wakes up, there is a period of time where he is totally confused and disoriented, and he doesn't know who anyone is, even Bob's mom. That is really scary for her. Anyhow, Bob is thinking that he will go up there tomorrow to visit, possibly taking Caleb and Jonathan. I didn't want him to take Nathan and Luke, since they are so much help with Anna. Anna is getting into everything--I wish he could take her, LOL! Actually, we thought about all going, but all the hotels are booked up, since there is that big gold tournment near Pittsburgh this weekend.

Speaking of Caleb, here is a funny thing he said this morning, especially for Aunt Claire, Uncle Jim, and Pilot (Caleb's cousin). I was nursing on the couch, and he was sitting near me, doing his math worksheet.

Caleb: "Pilot and I are opposites."

Me: "Oh? How so?" (Thinking he might say something like "he is tall, and I'm short" or "he's grown-up and I'm a kid" or something)

Caleb: "Well, he knows how to fly, but not how to turn on our shower, and I know how to turn on our shower, but NOT how to fly."

So there you have it. Opposites! And for the record, the shower in Caleb's bathroom IS a bit tricky to figure out--definitely not intuitive, LOL.

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Pilot Mom said...

Caleb cracks me UP!!!! ROFLOL!!!