Saturday, June 16, 2007

Crazy Milk-Filled Weekend

Bob did go up to PA to visit his family today, taking Caleb and Jonathan with him. They were thrilled beyond words at the prospect of a special trip with Daddy *in his car* no less. I will say that while it's been a much quieter day without them around, there is definitely a big hole! It is always so interesting how the dynamics of the family change without different people, especially children. Nathan and Luke didn't fight at all today, they took turns playing with Anna without asking, Anna was thrilled with all the one-on-one attention from her older brothers who weren't distracted playing Star Wars with their younger brothers (who do frustrate them at times)--it was different.

Bob's dad is still in the hospital, and the doctors are saying that he is having seizures for some unknown reason. He's on anti-seizure medicine now, but it sounded like they were going to keep him in the hospital until Monday for observation. Apparently he is also starting some with senility, which has really been stressful for Bob's mom these past few months. She told Bob's sister Rose that he was like a child, and she had to watch him all the time and not leave him or he would do something crazy, like get out of the car and lock it with it still running. He is 82 and has been in remarkably good health (they both have, actually), but it looks like he finally is showing signs of his age. Since Bob's mom doesn't drive (never has), this is going to hard for her, especially since he can't drive now for 6 months.

We've had a fun, relaxing day today. Nathan made waffles for everyone before they left, and then we launched into our special weekend menu--try to guess the theme.

Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwiches, sour cream and onion potato chips, carrots, grapes

Dinner: chicken fingers and fish sticks, canned green beans, au gratin potatoes from a box

Dessert: chocolate/peanut butter ice cream

Lunch tomorrow: macaroni and cheese casserole that Elizabeth brought over.

Did you guess? It's dairy weekend!! With nary a thought spared for separate-but-equal non-dairy substitutes! And I guess you could also say it's "easy processed food weekend", LOL. No question that we eat healthier because of Caleb's allergies! Sometimes it's fun to not have to worry about it though. I've had that box of potatoes on the shelf for forever, and Nathan has been bugging me about eating them. I asked him if they lived up to his expectations, and he gave a happy sigh and said, "Yes, it was a day of perfect meals . . . " LOL! I thought they were a little salty. "Processed", maybe. I guess my taste buds have finally matured.

Well, speaking of milk, I am still having problems with this crazy clogged duct. So I'm still hurting on my left side, and today I haven't felt as well as yesterday, especially if I don't take a big horse pill of Motrin. Good thing military doctors prescribe those things like water, as we have bottle upon bottle of them sitting around. How convenient! I am getting frustrated though. I'm nursing like a contortionist here, with cold and warm cabbage in my bra at different times, and I really don't know anything else to try. Grrr. I really would have loved to accomplish something (anything!) during the girls' nap time, but . . . all I accomplished was a nap myself. Sigh. I think that if I'm still this sore tomorrow, we won't be able to go to church. Grace doesn't like her car seat and is usually pretty restless in church, squirming around all over me. That's mildly annoying on a good day, but when one side of me is quite painful . . . well, I have desire to torture myself, and I doubt I would get anything from the sermon anyhow!

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