Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Haircut

I finally got my haircut last Saturday afternoon. The last time it was cut was . . . hmmm . . . December I think, between Christmas and New Years. Yeah, I'm big into my hair, as you can tell. I've wanted to get it cut for awhile now, but I'm always hesitant to cut it short during the last trimester. There's something about a new short haircut on my hugely pregnant self that makes me look like a real pinhead--small head, huge tummy--way out of proportion. I think I'll be keeping it short now. After I got it cut, Bob and I were talking, and I mentioned how people always say men like long hair, but he seemed to like it better short. He said that "Weird Al Yankovich ruined long curly hair for me". So. No more long hair for me, I guess, as I have no deisre to remind anyone of Weird Al.

A funny thing happened after the haircut. Since I don't get anything fancy done with my cuts, I always go to the cheapest place, which around here is SuperCuts. Haircuts there are $14, and I gave a tip of $2.80 on my credit card. The next day, when we got home from church there was a vaguely cryptic message on the answering machine about a "problem I had received with my service" at SuperCuts. I couldn't think of anything so I called to find out. It turns out that when she entered the tip into the computer, she entered $280 instead of $2.80. Yeah, that's a bit of a difference! So the manager discovered the problem Sunday morning and was calling to let us know that she had taken care of it, but we might notice it showing up on our statement. LOL! That's like 12 extra haircuts, which for me is, oh, about 6 years' worth.


Pilot Mom said...

I like the new "do"! :)

I have heard of excellent service but never any service which would be worth $280! Lol!!

What's up with Grace? You aren't changing her diaper? LOL!

Christa said...

I like the new look! I've been aching to get short hair too...especially here in Hawaii. It's just too hot! Still no baby for me yet. Have you ever tried castor oil? Tomorrow's the due date and I need some movement!!

Dy said...

Oh, I like it! (Although your old style was *far* from Weird Al! LOL!)

Somebody gave me the advice not to touch my hair at all in the last trimester - that I would *want* to cut it, but don't, under any circumstances, go with that urge. And I was SO tempted every time, but held off. Then, just this week (and not even pg., just hot), I was sitting in the living room, feeling the sweat dry and crust up on my head, when I thought (again) about how nice it would be to get a really short cut... not quite a high 'n tight, but... close. I stuffed the urge down (again), and called a friend, who, shortly into the conversation (and *I* didn't bring it up, honest), spluttered out, "NOW I understand why women shave their heads!" LOL. She's a bad influence, but I love her.