Thursday, June 07, 2007


Isn't this the cutest little car?! I got it a few weeks ago at a garage sale. I can't believe we had never before gotten a car we can push, but so it was--and now we have one! Anna wishes she could be out walking wherever she wants to, but since she can't do that, the car is a close second.

Last night the kids and I went up to our little neighborhood playground. The other boys rode their bikes, but Jonathan pushed Anna. Frankly, this was faster than him riding his bike, LOL. He's still not totally confidant about pedaling, and "fast" is not how I would describe his biking at this stage of the game.

Anna has discovered that she really loves slides, so the playground is a very exciting place for her. The boys are so good with her! I love to see them catching her. I pushed Grace over in the stroller, but I knew she wouldn't be happy in there long, since she has a firm opinion about being on her back--she doesn't like it. So I brought the front pack too (why didn't I just put her in that in the first place, you ask? Good question, but it turned out well . . .), and she was much happier in that. When we were ready to leave, Caleb still wanted to ride his bike more, so I put Anna in the stroller, and Jonathan rode in the car while I pushed both things and carried Grace in the front pack and the other 3 boys rode their bikes. This enabled us to take the very long, meandering way back. It was just such a pleasant night--no sense in rushing back! But I think I looked like I "had my hands full", since that was the comment I got from lots of people who passed us, LOL.

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Dy said...

I love days that end so idyllically (wow, that doesn't look right, but hopefully you kwim). It sounds delightful, and that photo is just TOO sweet! Big brothers sure are something special, aren't they?