Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just Us Girls

This morning at 8:20, all the testosterone in the house left.

Bob took the boys to a small amusement park not too far from his parents' house in PA. The company Bob's dad retired from has an annual picnic at Idlewild, and today was the big day. We didn't go last year because of the new baby, and I certainly wasn't going to go this year with essentially 2 babies, so Bob took the boys by himself. Pretty much all of Bob's siblings and their families are there as well, so the boys should have a lot of fun.

As for me . . . well, I'm trying to have fun here, sigh . . . LOL!!! Woo-hoo! Just me and the girls!! First off, I had my friend Christine and her 1 month old baby over for lunch. Her husband is out of town for the first time since the baby came, and she wanted to do something other than just sit at home and stare at her 4 aparment walls. We all just hung out the whole afternoon, talking, looking at pictures, nursing. It was fun! It was so nice to be able to visit without almost constant interruptions from needy little boys, LOL.

For lunch we had chicken salad with crescent rolls, cantaloupe, and I made gingerbread wtih lemon sauce for dessert. Yum! And the best part was . . . I made one tube of crescent rolls. I made a small bowl of chicken salad. I cut up half a cantaloupe. I did not double my ginger bread recipe. AND I HAD LEFT-OVERS! Wow! It's hard to remember what it's like to cook for something other than the swarm of locusts I usually feed.

I'm trying not to have high expectations about getting a lot done this weekend. Last time I did, when Bob took the little boys away for the weekend back in June, I ended up with mastitis and spent the whole weekend on the couch. So that was disappointing. I guess by virtue of the fact that I am not sick, this weekend is already a great success!

In June, I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish--backing up my pictures onto a CD, cleaning out the storage room, going through pictures and updating the boys' scrapbooks, etc. But since Grace has been pretty cooperative lately, I've been able to do those things anyway, so I don't feel like I have a list hanging over my head. The one thing I would like to get done is Nathan's scrapbook. Then I would be all caught up, except for starting Anna's.

You know, it really isn't a hardship for me to be left home. I'm not a big fan of hot, crowded amusement parks even when I'm not nursing. It's been so nice just to hang out today. And tomorrow--I'll only have to get 2 other people ready for church! Or maybe we'll just take the day off! I haven't decided! (Our pastor is out of town on his vacation, so I know I won't be missing one of his sermons.) Ahh, it's like a mini-vacation, except I get to sleep in my own bed instead of in a hotel room with 7 other people.

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Dy said...

"swarm of locusts" - ROFLOL! Oh, my, yes!! Yes! That's the exact phrase I used last night, while making the grocery list. "Honey, when did the swarm come through? Have you *seen* this pantry? We have nothing." We bought a LOT of food last time, but... something ate it.

I laughed even just reading what you fixed. Ohhh, that sounds so, so, simple! Glad you had a nice visit, and are enjoying a little estrogen-zone time. Good stuff, that. (EmBaby and I watched Brigadoon the last time we were alone. It was fantastic. And no guy-comments from the peanut gallery.)