Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Odds and Ends

1. Bob is furiously working on the take-home final for the class he's been taking. It's due Wednesday. Only one class left for the certification after he's done with this one!

2. I think I solved the mystery of Anna's fever last week--Fifth disease. She had the classic rash starting on Friday. She is clearly feeling better this week. Apparently you are contagious for 4-14 days before the rash, and once the rash comes, you aren't contagious anymore. Sorry, Emily! You were exposed. It's a pretty common virus, and I think all my other kids have had it. The fever is the worst of it, so it's not a bad one, as viruses go.

3. "Hershey's All Natural Extra Dark Pure Dark Chocolate--60% Cacao" is really, really terrible. Don't get it. Ghiradelli dark chocolate is good. Trader Joe's is great. Hershey's--not so much. It is in a shiny, fancy bag, but it has a terrible aftertaste, and it's not very creamy at all. Blech. I do like their Special Dark, but that's pretty sweet as far as dark chocolate goes. Not the healthy kind, LOL.

4. I finished up Luke's scrapbook for last year. Now I'm on to Nathan's, and then (if I'm really on a roll), I'll start on Anna's. The nice thing is that Grace has been having her last feeding around 8:30 or 9:00, so she's going down when the other kids go down, and then I have some uninterrupted time before I go to bed to work on things.

5. Funny comment of the week: at Walmart, the cashier first asked if Caleb and Jonathan were brothers. They did have matching shirts on. I said yes. Then she asked, "Do you make a lot of money doing this?" and she sort of nodded over to the kids. I was confused ("Shopping at Walmart? No, I spend money here, LOL"), and so then she said, "Daycare--do you make a lot of money doing daycare?" Wow, lots of people ask if they are all mine, or if I do daycare, but no one has just assumed before! Too funny! She was a bit taken aback when I said they were all mine. LOL, she must be friends with my OB and think that any family with more than 2 kids is simply unnatural!


Chris and Johanna said...

I think it is so cool that you do scrapbooks for each of the kids. I have lots of pictures but never seem to find the time to put them in a book. They are all just in big boxes, and I have only managed to put about half our photos on CD back-up -- something I have been working on for about 2 years. Maybe if we stop moving and I can get everything out of boxes long enough I will be able to find the time.

al said...

Hmmm, so many funny responses to that question! How does one make money by having kids? :)

Yes, we are very excited about our new addition. I saw a doc today and he had hopeful words, but I tend to be a little wary of residents and would feel much better if I could just talk to my midwife (they wouldn't let me since they placed a nice "red flag" on my chart--however I still get to see her in 2 weeks).

Dy said...

Oh, that's funny. At least she was nice. I try to give mental brownie points for strangers not assuming the absolute worst when they approach us.

Scrapbooks? No way! Wow, you are so much more cool than I am. My kids will have woodworking skills, but absolutely no hard copy record of their childhoods. It's kind of sad.