Sunday, November 05, 2006


Since Blogger was being so cooperative and letting me post pictures, I thought I'd better post a few of Anna. These were taken today, and she is wearing the most adorable little jumper and onesie. I will say, if I may, that she is not the most cooperative of subjects, and I don't see modeling in her future, LOL! These pictures are blurry because I had a very hard time getting her to stop moving! In the first picture, she has shoved some toy in her mouth, hence the wide-open pose. Having something in her hands was the only way I could get her to stop crawling, though, and you can see her crawling out of the picture down below. Look at her expression: "What do you want? I'm busy!"


Anonymous said...

How cute!

Just found your blog!
In Jesus
Maria in the UK

Dy said...

Oh, claire! She's precious!!

We had that same trouble getting shots of Smidge. There's a whole segment of his infancy we refer to as the "baby Shmu" phase - just a blurry blob. Something that helps on my camera for indoor shots is to use the flash. I can't get too close or they look like red-eyed ghosts, but it seems to speed up the shutter speed enough to cut down on the blurr.

Man, she's precious! And I love the little guy with the beautiful smile in the background, too.


Pam said...

I was just about to ask for an Anna update....
But, tell us, how is, if she is, different from the boys? I mean....I know how she's different....d'uh, I mean behavior wise, what have you noticed??? I am so curious.