Friday, November 17, 2006

A Due Date!

I saw the doctor today! When I walked into the office and said my name to the receptionist, she looked at me very skeptically and said, "Well, you look a lot bigger than 16 weeks!" I politely smiled and said, "I really don't think I am." The doctor, who was very nice by the way, did the ultrasound first, and--what do you know--it looks like the baby is 15 weeks 3 days. I would say I nailed that one! I laughed at your comment, Beverly! You would think that doctors would be thrilled to get patients who are so in tune with their bodies, but I think most of them just don't believe them! Once I knew I was pregnant, I could look back with certainty and tell when I started experiencing syptoms, when Anna started not nursing well, etc., and figure out when I must have implanted. I knew I hadn't been pregnant for an extra 4 weeks or so!

So my tentative due date is May 8, right after Bob's birthday of May 2. I say "tentative" because the doctor wants me to get an ultrasound done at a hospital to make sure of the date, since she didn't feel that confident in the exactness of hers. Also, my placenta is lying low this time, and she wants to make sure it is not blocking the cervix. I've never had previa, and you wouldn't think that I would start with number 6, but I can already see that anything is possible with this pregnancy. That ultrasound is scheduled for next Wednesday, which is while Mom and Dad are here visiting, so they can watch the boys! I will still have another ultrasound at 20 weeks. I guess we'll see how much Tricare Standard really covers.

Speaking of Tricare, after the appointment, we drove to the Tricare Service Center and put in my disenrollment papers. We put the date effective as yesterday, and the lady assured me that everything from yesterday on will be covered under Standard. Bob is still very nervous and skeptical. How can he doubt a government organization?! LOL! I think we will all rest more easily when all the paperwork has for sure gone through. As for me, I am relieved, but I still don't feel much at peace about the whole being-off-Tricare-Prime thing. I am praying for good health for me this winter!


witw said...

I know it is early, but could you see what you were having? Maybe next week you might be able to tell. Mel

Bob & Claire said...

No, she couldn't. I think it is still too early. Also, she basically just measured head and abdominal circuference, as well as femur length, so it was a really short ultrasound. The one next week should be more thorough, so there might be a hope!

The boys asked the same question, and I told them we didn't know yet. I asked them what they were hoping for, and they all said a boy! I asked if they didn't think it would be nice for Anna to have a sister, and Nathan told me that the NEXT one could be another girl. LOL!

Beverly said...

Oh, how exciting! I also hope Anna gets a sister, but of course we know whoever is swimming around in there will be just the perfect addition to your family!