Thursday, November 30, 2006

Routine . . .or Not

I would love to tell you that we have gotten right back into our normal routine after Thanksgiving, but, well, that would be a lie, LOL. I am having a hard time getting motivated. Somehow we have to fit in Christmas shopping, baking, card-writing, some craft projects the boys are going to make and give away, etc. . . . And those things have to fit in between Anna's wake times and my exercising. Sigh. It is very tempting to just say that we will take off the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas to do these other things, but then I can practically see their Latin vocab and math facts dripping from their ears, LOL. How to balance it all, especially while being pregnant and tired. I would love to just do fun things, like a Christmas read-aloud, fun math games, painting, and science stuff, but what will probably end up happening is what we've been doing the past few days--orally reviewing Latin, memory work, and math on the couch, and then trying to get other errands and things done in the afternoon. Next year, next year, next year . . . that's what I keep telling myself!

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mattkimuber said...

I feel your pain. How to balance it all? Today was the first day I personally felt any motivation, that was due to the nice weather. I know you are doing a great job no matter how far away you feel from your expectations. If there is any way I can lift your burden. I'm only a drive away.