Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!

Caleb is 5 years old today! His specially requested birthday dinner was spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. We had sorbet (raspberry and lemon!) for the birthday boy, as well as ice cream for the rest of us after dinner. I haven't made the cake yet. We'll bring that to Bible study on Friday to celebrate with our friends there. I should say I haven't made the cakes, plural yet--we've finally worked out that I am going to make a butterfly cake, a ladybug cake, and a caterpillar cake, each one not being too big. Plenty of bugs at that party, LOL!

Here is a grainy picture of Caleb starting to open his presents. He got a video and a new sleeper from Grandma and Grandpa B., a game from Grandma and Grandpa G., 2 great knight-themed books from Aunt Amy and Uncle Jason, and a watch from us. He was pretty thrilled with it all, as you can see by his radiant smile! He has been so anxiously awaiting his birthday for such a long time, and then today he was so anxiously awaiting his presents! It was very hard to make it through church, the afternoon, AND dinner before opening them!


Dy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Five is a wonderful age. I hope you have a fantastic year, and learn and do all kinds of delightful things!


Pam said...

I'm sorry I missed it Claire....Caleb!! Happy Belated Birthday...My, you are getting so big!
(Isn't that what old lady relatives and aquaintances say when they see children!!)