Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Genuine Ancient Greeks

Today was our Greek Olympics, the fifthe week activity for our co-op unit on Ancient Greece. Everyone had to come dressed up in a Greek chiton. Here you can see my paltry efforts. You will notice that I am hiding behind Luke and Caleb. There is a reason that "maternity chitons" have not caught on as a fad anytime lately, LOL. Not a flattering look. All 75 kids wore something Greek-y though! I was pretty impressed.


Dy said...

ROFLOL! Maternity chitons! I love it! Thanks for the chuckle, and the sweet photo.


mattkimuber said...

I love all the pics. What a wonderful way to learn. I have updated myself on the happenings of your life. I am sorry to read about the hassle of the waiver. I am also disappointed to find out it was not a go. We will be in town for Thanksgiving weekend. Call if we can get together