Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bob's Dad

Bob took Nathan and Luke up to Pennsylvania today to visit his family. Bob's dad Frank had quadruple heart bypass surgery yesterday, which came about quite suddenly. Last Sunday Frank passed out and fell while getting out of the shower. Amazingly, he didn't hurt himself, but he was admitted into the hospital for tests to determine why he fell. The doctors discovered these 4 blocked arteries, and at first there was some question as to whether or not they would try medicine, but the doctors were able to convince everyone that Frnak needed the surgery, and he needed it quickly. It went well yesterday. Bob's sisters Rose and Ann were able to be there, as well as his brother Paul and other sister Jane. Today Bob's dad was pretty cranky, so Bob came at a good time to relieve people! Unfortunately he (Bob) will be coming home tomorrow, so the relief will be short-lived. Ann is planning on staying there a few more days, which will be needed but probably not really appreciated. We're not sure how much longer Frank will be in the hospital, or how the recovery will go at home. Their house is very full of stuff. I mean incredibly full, dangerously full for an invalid. And they only have one bathroom, which is upstairs. Up a narrow, wooden, unpadded, cluttered staircase. Yes. Perfect! So we have some concerns on that front. We would appreciate your prayers.

So it is just Caleb, Jonathan, Anna, and me today and tomorrow! We were going to have a fun weekend, but you know how it goes--after our "special" lunch of hotdogs, Jonathan started running a fever. It looks like he has the same virus Anna had this week, which results in only a very high (103) temperature for 2 days. You know, if your child has to be sick, I would much rather have a bug that only has a temperature as a symptom, so I actually am considering myself very fortunate! We are praying that Nathan, Luke, and Bob are not contagious with this virus, however. That would be awful for Frank to come down with it at this point. So Joanthan was pretty crabby this afternoon as well (I had lots of sympathy for Bob's family, LOL!), and he just lolled around on the couch. We read a whole lot of books though, and we did have leftover cake and ice cream/sorbet after dinner, so the day was not a total loss!


Pilot Mom said...

Claire, you know, it keeps being reinforced to me that life is really so very fragile and uncertain. We just never know what a day will hold.

I'm so glad Bob and the older boys are able to go and be there.

Of course, the family is in our prayers!

I just love the pics below! How cute and the cakes are wonderful looking...certainly not sissy at all! ;)

Dy said...

The family is all in my prayers. It's truly amazing what can be done now, with regard to the heart and healing.

Oh, now, that bug does not sound like a fun one at all, but I'm so glad it's a short-run virus and hope it's soon gone, gone, gone. Zorak is running on about two cylinders right now. Whatever snot thing Miss Emily contracted last week is now making the rounds of the house, but while it's fairly mild, it's tenacious as can be. Ick.