Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Visit With Pilot

My cousin, also known as "Pilot", came for a short visit. He spent Thanksgiving with his buddy who lives in Maryland, and then he drove over here yesterday morning. The boys were pretty thrilled to see him! Caleb and Jonathan thought he was the best thing around, and Pilot could have read books all day long to them, as far they were concerned! He did read quite a few, until I had to make the little boys go down in the basement or into the playroom to give him some time off! He and Nathan bonded over a game of basketball. Nathan is going to play Upwards Basketball for the first time this year, but he hasn't really played much basketball so far. Bob bought him a real ball Saturday morning, so it was perfect that he and Pilot could break it in!

I made a huge pan of lasagna for dinner, and then after dinner the L's and P's, other couples in our Bible study, came over for dessert and visiting. They wanted to see my parents, and we wanted to see Anthony L., who is home on break from the Academy! Pilot got to meet everyone, and I think he enjoyed visiting with them too. We had a lot of good dessert, anyhow!

Pilot left this morning to drive back to his base. We're hoping, now that he knows the way here, that he will make his way up more often! I have tried a dozen times, starting last night, to post some pictures, but I could never get Blogger to upload them. I printed some off and will send them to you, Aunt Claire!


Pilot Mom said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

Pam said...

I'm telling ya Claire...stop wasting your time on using blogger to post. Try
It's wicked simple. Just load it up and then use the "tag" code to paste it into your post using the "edit html" tab in your compose window. I cannot tell you how simple. Then if you want to make small pics you check the box next to the pic name and scroll to the bottom of the page and push the "generate the HTML and IMG code" and it will give you five want the first one which is
HTML clickable thumbnails for Ebay, Livejournal, MySpace, etc. This puts a small pic on your blog that people can click on and make it big.
That's it. SO incredibly simple and quick. I rarely use blogger to load pics anymore.
So glad you had a wonderful holiday.

Pam said...

Oh, P.S. I also have two browser windows open so I just toggle between the two. If you have questions...give me a buzz. Love ya gal.

Dy said...

What a WONDERFUL day of visiting and love. I'm so glad you shared this - always makes me smile.

It's been a while since I've gone into my Photobucket account, but I think it even has a "blog this" button - just highlight the pictures you want and click that, and it'll open a window to type your entry! If blogger frustrates you to that point, check it out. :-)

Bob & Claire said...

Okay, Pam. I'll try it! I actually downloaded Photobucket several weeks (months?) ago, but then I could not intuitively figure it out, and I never spent any more time on it. But hopefully with your detailed instructions, even a computer dummy like me will be able to do it! : )