Thursday, November 16, 2006

Doctor Situation

Well, I can say with certainty that this has just been the oddest pregnancy. I called the 6 or so practices in our area that were on the Tricare website as accepting Tricare Standard. Some don't anymore, one lady only practices only GYN, not OB, one lady is on maternity leave until mid-December . . . there really weren't many options, LOL. It left one practice. I have an appointment with them for tomorrow at 10:00, when they will do an ultrasound and try to determine how far along I am. Here's the kicker--if I am over 20 weeks, they might not accept me as a patient. I think I am only 16 weeks, but this has made me very nervous. We have not yet turned in my disenrolllment papers from Tricare Prime, because once I disenroll, I am locked out of Prime for a year. Wouldn't that be awful (and yet so indicative of this pregnancy) to be locked out of Prime and unable to be seen by anyone on Standard?! So if there is some problem tomorrow, and they won't accept me as a patient, then I will just pay for the appointment and call Bethesda. If everything is okay, they Bob will turn in my papers tomorrow, with that date as the start date (the Tricare lady said that was okay yesterday when I called). Hmm . . . this little situation IS Col. Canestrini's fault, since it took him so long first to deny the waiver, and then to call back for the appeal. Maybe a letter is in order.

Anyhow, hopefully there will be an update tomorrow where I actually know SOMETHING about this pregnancy, other than the fact that I am, in fact, pregnant. The receptionist at the office was funny:

Her: "So you had a positive home test? How do you know you are pregnant?"

Me: "Well, I have had a positive test. Also, this is my sixth pregnancy, so I am pretty familiar with the signs. And I'm feeling the baby move."

I did feel like the irresponsible mother, having had no prenatal care yet. I explained the whole situation, but I still felt bad. So we'll see what happens . . .


Pam said...

You are sooooo irresponsible....heheheee

I have some choice words here but I think I'll refrain myself. (is that the proper use of that word...or should I say restrain??? HMMMM)

Loved the greek shots and story. You look RADIANT m'dear!!

I'm hungry now, thankyouverymuch.

Beverly said...

Hee hee! Reminds me of when I tried to get a pregnancy test done on base at Wright-Patt because I knew I was pregnant with Arden. Trouble was, I had had a period after getting pregnant, but I KNEW I was pregnant because my temps never went down. They refused to give me a test because when they asked the date of my LMP and I told them 2 weeks prior, they just stared at me like I was insane.

"We don't give tests until your period is 2 weeks late."

"OK, well, this is my 3rd child, and I know my body, and I know I'm pregnant. So what do I need to do?"

"Well, if you have a positive home test, then we'll get you checked in with Women's Health and go from there. But we can't give you the test."

So we went to the store, got our test, and of course it was positive, so I called back and things got rolling from there.

Sheesh, you'd think the staff in a doctor's office would be GLAD to find patients who are so familiar with their bodies!! I'll be anxious to find out how far along you are! Feeling the baby move...hmmm. That's not terribly indicative, is it? I felt this one at 8 weeks!

(Wow, how long can a comment get, anyway? Maybe I should just keep typing!!)