Thursday, November 30, 2006

So what happens when we do go out?

We did our bit of review this morning, and then after lunch we headed off to "run a few short errands". We went first to A.C. Moore, a Hobby-Lobby type store, to look for Christmas gifts for some of Bob's neices and nephews. We found some cute personalized ornaments, and, after a lot of searching, finally found the Klutz books that were on sale. We bought 2 bracelets ones for the 2 little neices, and one with Sculpey clay for the nephew. Although I am now having my doubts about that one, LOL. My boys would love it, but maybe not him. I don't know. Anyhow, I dithered around for awhile, while fragile Caleb kept mentioning how much HE would like all these different things we were looking a. We finally made it through the checkout line after an hour. Whew.

So then we were off to Target to get new shoes for Nathan. Jonathan needed to go potty, but I told him we would run in, get the shoes, pay, and then go potty, sicne the bathrooms are right behind the checkout area. That's what we did, and Nathan took him off to go as I pushed the cart over. When I got there, I sent Luke in to check on them. He comes out with the unwelcome news that Jonathan actually has to go #2. I point out that I am unable to help, seeing as how he is in the men's bathroom, but Nathan hollars out that he will wipe him. Okay. Next Luke comes out with the news that Nathan himself has felt nature's particular call, and, after waiting awhile, all I can hear is Jonathan saying, "I'm done!! I'm done!! Someone wipe me!!" Of course, there is nothing I can do, so I call in to him to be patient. Finally, after much waiting, both boys are done, and, after a big struggle, Jonathan finally has his pants back up and his hands washed. Anna was quite ready for a nap by this time! Whew.

We got home, and I put Anna down for a short nap. When she woke up, I decided to use the bottle that I had packed just in case in the diaper bag. When we go out I always put out the measured formula in a stage 2 baby food jar, so I just need to pour it into the bottle, which already has water in it. Works great. I've done it for now 5 babies. When I open up the diaper bag, I am horrified to see formula all over the inside of the bag! And the baby food jar has no lid! What happened? How could it have fallen off? Then I look up on the counter and see the lid sitting there. So I just put an open baby food jar full of formula into the diaper bag to be dragged around all afternoon. At least the formula's cheap. Ha, ha! I crack myself up! So now I have decided it's back to regular school, and I will only attempt shopping by myself on Saturdays. Well, maybe not . . . I'm still not very motivated, LOL.


Pilot Mom said...

Oh, sweetie, this is just too funny. Maybe not to you but I found this quite humorous! Thanks for beginning my day with a laugh!

I'm waiting for Nana's bed to be delievered! Exciting!

And, in answer to your leave question for Pilot, yes, it has been okayed. He will be here from the 22nd to the 4th! :)

mattkimuber said...

I just had to laugh, not at your expense but because I could live it as you wrote it. I too ventured out today. I'm with you. What is harder? kids but no crowds, or no kids but crowds. They are both difficult. I hope you get out and about this Sat.

Dy said...

OK, so now I'm sitting here, it's a little after ten PM. The kids are down, and I can't. stop. chuckling. So well-said, Claire! Oh, my. {{hugs}} These are the stories we tell to mortify them at their engagement parties.

Dy, who will be chuckling empathetically all day