Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oct. 10--Micah's New Bed

I got a toddler bed at a consignment sale on Saturday.  Can you believe we've made it all the way to child #8 without one?!  Everyone else has been perfectly happy in their crib until we move them into an actual bed, usually a little before 3.  When younger siblings have come along before that pint, we've always been able to just move the older one into a different room (and into a different crib--we have 3, LOL), and the baby moves in to the nursery once he or she starts sleeping reliably through the night, which for us is usually around 8 weeks (exception, of course:  Micah). 

But now we are plum out of other rooms for older siblings to move into!  Drew is still sleeping in our closet in a little pack-n-play we're borrowing from the McC's.  Micah and Drew have to become roommates at some point, because that is the only slot left open right now!  The room is not really set up well for a twin bed and a crib, plus we will eventually get bunk beds for them, so I really didn't want to get a twin bed.  When I saw this toddler bed at the sale, I was thrilled!  I even bought a new crib sheet at Target!
Micah wanted to sleep on the bed Saturday night, so I let him, but he starting crying after being in it for about an hour, and I put him back in his crib.  Sunday night he wanted to sleep in the toddler bed again, and he's been fine ever since.  Two nights ago, when I went in to check on him before I went to sleep, he was on the floor next to the bed, but he didn't cry, so I don't know if he rolled out or if he just got out and fell asleep on the floor.  We do actually have one of those toddler bed rails (actually 2, if I remember correctly, LOL), but that's a hassle, and toddler beds aren't far enough off the ground to cause a problem even if he does roll off.  Anyway, Micah likes his new bed and thinks he is a big boy!  Now, if he would just get interested in the big boy potty . . .
Bonus picture of Micah in his nightshirt, looking like a little Dickensian character or something.  I stopped buying summer pajamas for boys awhile ago.  They just wear big t-shirts passed down from their brothers.  Much cheaper!  Micah still loves his blue blanket--no sign of giving that up!

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