Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oct. 27

So it was another Sunday, and today proved we are definitely under attack on Sunday mornings!  We decided to try something different, and so Bob didn't take any kids to Sunday School except Drew.  Drew is teething or growing or something, and he's been waking up in the middle of the night again, as well as early, and he's been really crabby.  So he was ready to go early, and I was ready to have him gone!  I handed him and the diaper bag off to Bob at 9:00, and they drove away to church.

The rest of us got ready, and it wasn't too stressful.  I did have to run down to the basement to find a bigger pair of pants for Micah, who also appears to be growing, and Grace had a small meltdown over tights, but things were resolved in a timely manner, and everyone was ready to go, with shoes and jackets on, at 10:15.  As we were preparing to walk out the door, I went to get the big van keys . . . and realized with a sinking feeling, that both sets were in the end pocket of the diaper bag . . . which was of course with Bob and Drew . . . who were already at church.  Sigh.  What can you do?  It's almost funny!

The reason both sets were in there is because yesterday morning I gave a set to Jonathan to open up the van so people could start getting buckled while I made sure everything we needed was in the diaper bag.  By the time I came out (literally not more than 2 minutes later) and asked Jonathan for the keys, he looked blankly at me and couldn't find them.  After a fruitless search for a few minutes, I ran back inside to get the other set of keys, since we were later than I had wanted to be, and I didn't want to miss Caleb McC's race.  Of course, as soon as we got to the meet, Jonathan announced that the keys were in fact in a DIFFERENT pocket then the one (?!) he had checked, so I put that set in the diaper bag as well.  And then I completely forgot about big van keys and never gave them another thought!

So Bob had to come back and rescue us after his Sunday School class was over, and we ended up at church around the same time as we have been lately--significantly late.  At least this time Bob took Micah to the nursery!  We'll see what tactics Satan uses to frustrate me and make us late again next Sunday . . .

After church, Nathan and Luke mowed the L's yard, and then I took them to a store to try to put together dwarf costumes for a Civil Air Patrol social event on Tuesday.  That was a lot of fun!  Then I took Nathan and Anna to get basketball shoes.  We got Nathan's shoes at Sports Authority, and I was going to take Anna to Payless, but the one near us closed at some point without me ever noticing.  Oops!  This necessitated a trip to the mall.

I don't think Anna has ever been to the mall that she remembers, anyway.  I avoid the place like the plague, and if I do have to go (Bob and I went right after Christmas last year, and I think that was the last time), then I certainly don't bring the kids!  Blech.  So anyhow, the mall was a totally new experience for Anna.  To say she was completely enthralled would be a total understatement, LOL.  And the shoe store!!  We have been so incredibly blessed to receive hand-me-downs from very good friends, including shoes, so I have very rarely even had to buy her new shoes.  She has definitely never been in a shoe store (and this is only Payless we are talking about, LOL).  We found basketball shoes for her in short order, but she had to look at each individual pair of shoes in her size, as well as the sizes above and below, just to oooh and aww over them all!  She kept saying, "There are SO many shoes here!  It's amazing!"  After we got home, she told anyone who would listen (and even those who really weren't all that interested) about all the wonderful pairs of shoes she had seen.  It was so funny!  She has always had a thing for shoes . . . I must be a sad disappointment for her!  I think she will grow up to be one of those women with a closet full of shoes, unlike me, who has only a few pairs of shoes, and I regularly only wear about 4 of them!

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