Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oct. 23--Random Thoughts

1.  Nathan got his Forsus Appliance put in today.  He now has 2 slinkies in his mouth!  If he is a bit grumpy, you'll know why, LOL.  He has been taking motrin, and he says it doesn't so much hurt right now, as feel like his jaws don't fit right.  It's hard to chew, and the springs are in the way.  We had ice cream tonight, but it was a small consolation.  We're hoping this thing works quickly!

2.  We definitely need a new mattress.  I have been very deliberately and faithfully sleeping on my right side only for the past 2 weeks, and now my right hip is hurting!  I do not relish searching for a new mattress, that is for sure.  Sigh.  Why can't things last forever?!  I loved our mattress for years!  Makes us look forward to heaven . . .

3.  Luke and I are agreed that bananas just aren't our favorite fruit.  He thinks they are "slimy".  I don't mind the taste, but only if they are just barely ripe--they still need to have a hint of green on them.  Even then, if I don't have peanut butter (or nutella!) on it, then by the time I'm almost done eating a banana, it makes me gag.  But the rest of the family usually loves bananas, so I buy humongous quantities.  Until they all of a sudden go on a banana strike.  We had 2 full bunches of bananas turn splotchy this past weekend.  Even Drew, who was gobbling down bananas, started just smooshing them all over his high chair tray instead of easting them.  For Rivendell on Tuesday, I made a banana snack cake in my giant "casserole dish" (a 17 1/2 by 11 1/2 buffet serving pan from Sams) using 7 bananas.  I was glad to use them up!  Today I gave Drew chunks of banana while he was sitting on the kitchen floor (as a distraction from him hanging on my legs and pulling down my pants while I cooked dinner), and he did eat all of that.  So maybe he was just protesting being in his high chair while eating bananas, LOL.

4.  Bob took Jonathan, the 3 girls, and Micah swimming tonight.  Every so often we join our local rec center for a month.  It's $84 for a month-long family membership, so that is certainly worth it for us! 

5.  Grace has finally mastered riding her bike without training wheels!  Faith just picked it up while we were at White Sulphur Springs for the Wright-Pat retreat in September, and Grace really wanted to learn, seeing as how she is older than Faith, but she just was a bit too timid and wouldn't ride her bike fast enough to stay upright!  But this weekend Bob helped her a lot, and she finally got the hang of it!  So most afternoons now she and Faith are outside, riding their bikes around the cul-de-sac.  Yay, Grace!

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