Friday, October 11, 2013

Oct. 11--Rain, Rain, and More Rain

It has been steadily raining since Thursday morning.  I can tell such a difference when the kids can't go outside!  They are bickery, whiny, and just LOUD!  I kept waiting and waiting to take my shower, hoping that the rain would stop so I could go on a walk.  It never did stop, but finally I decided either I needed to go outside, or else all the kids did, and it seemed like a lot less mess for me to clean up if it was just me, LOL.

So I found an old raincoat, and I found my old pair of tennis shoes up in the closet, since I knew they would get soaked.  I actually love walking outside during precipitation!  I prefer snow, of course, but I don't mind rain.  It's very peaceful and refreshing.  Being out in the rain reminded me of one time when Bob and I were on our honeymoon.  We had space-a hopped over to Germany, and we were in Garmish.  We were hiking on the Zugspitze when all of a sudden we got caught in this torrential downpour.  Bob and I huddled under a big rock, protecting our precious video camera with our jackets, LOL.  We were waiting there when down the trail came these 2 older German ladies, with umbrellas, tromping along, talking, like they weren't in the middle of a deluge at all.  Obviously rain didn't bother them one bit!

As I walked along, I got about 1/3 of my usual distance when I remembered why I had gotten new shoes--this pair had no cushioning left on the left heel, and this hard plastic piece was digging into my heel, making it bleed all over my sock!  I decided to jog, because pitching myself forward made my heel hurt less.  So I was able to stay out about my normal length, which was good, but now my hips are hating me, which is bad. 

I used to run with no problems, but somewhere along the line, my hips rebelled.  I can actually tell you exactly when--when I was pregnant with Grace.  Somehow, in the last trimester of that pregnancy, I really got out of alignment, and after I had her, things just sort of hardened like that.  By the time she was 8 months old, I could not even cross my legs, and I thought I was destined to end up a painfully crooked old lady, even though I was only 34 years old!  That was when I asked a mom at our elementary co-op about her chiropractor, since I had overheard her telling another mom how wonderful he was.  And he has indeed done wonderful things for me!  But he is not a miracle worker.  Apparently, my hips feel like they deserve a break after carrying and birthing 9 babies, and running is where they have drawn the line, LOL.  I can no longer run any distance without my left hip being so sore that I can hardly move.  There go my marathoning dreams . . . ha, ha. 

When I came back to the house, Micah had fallen asleep on the couch, so that right there helped the noise and whininess level go down!  The pain was all worth it!

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