Friday, October 25, 2013

Oct. 25

Today we cleaned.  That is because tonight I hosted a spaghetti dinner for the moms in our elementary co-op tonight, and, like my friend Anja says, we only really clean when someone is coming over!  Not that we're living in filth or anything, but my house is not normally one that looks like it belong in a magazine or anything.  It's the kind of house where people come over and say, "I feel so . . . comfortable . . . here", or "Your house looks so . . . lived-in . . ." Tonight I heard someone one say, "It looks good in here considering there are 9 kids running around!"  which is the same sort of compliment as "You look great for having 9 kids", LOL.  But it's good to have people over because it forces us to get the couch cleaned, and shred papers and clean under things and so on!  Luke especially gets motivated by people coming over, and then he marshals the troops and really stays on top of everyone.  I had to run to Walmart and Sams this afternoon, and when I came back, the place (well, main floor, anyway) was spotless!

We had a small group for the meeting--only 13 of us moms.  Usually we have this fall pasta dinner on a Sunday evening, and people always complain because it makes Sunday a long day, there's AWANA and evening church, and so on, but it turns out that a lot more people come on a Sunday night than on a Friday night!  I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce, as well as noodles, and everyone else brought bread, salads, desserts, or drinks. We had tons left over.  Cooking for 13 is only 2 more than I normally cook for--I could have just made the whole meal!  But it was nice to have a small group--more chance for individual conversation.  It was a really nice time!  The kids are happy because there was a lot of left-over dessert, which people left here, so they are looking forward to great eating tomorrow, after the cross-country meet and football game!

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