Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Oct. 8--A New Place to Play

Today for Rivendell we met over at my house for chemistry and literature.  Then we packed up in a hurry (loosing a set of big van keys in the process . . .grrr . . . ) and rushed over to our new church building so we would have room to RUN!  It was so great to see the boys out there playing football again!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, too.
This picture is from the back of the field, looking toward the road, where I took the picture of the building on Sunday.  The field goes over to my left a ways too, though.  It's big!  So much room to play!
And for the little kids, there is this beautiful little fenced play area.  Actually, we were talking to our assistant pastor today, and he said they were going to move the fence so that an even bigger area is fenced in, and they will hopefully be able to put in more playground equipment.  Yay!  The little kids had a ball on this, though.
This is the fellowship area.  It's where the Spanish church meets on Sunday mornings.  We hadn't planned on using it for classes, but we had all sorts of internet troubles this afternoon, so we had to make do.  We couldn't get an internet connection in any of the classrooms once we turned and went down a hall, so I'll be emailing another assistant pastor to see if he can help us with that.  This building was built in the 60s or 70s, with those thick cinderblock walls, which are great for blocking out noise--and wireless signals, apparently!  Really, the internet problems were the only fly in the ointment this afternoon.
This is the classroom where Grace has her class on Sundays.  It's big and sunny, with lovely windows looking out at that big field.  So peaceful!  There are lots of toys there too, so the younger kids really enjoyed playing there.  Micah and Drew also spent some time in the nursery down the hall, where more toys are.  So many rooms!  We were planning on having memory work here, with the 5/6th grade lit class across the hall, but that is where we ran into our internet problems.  Maybe next week.  It has a real old-fashioned chalkboard!  How fun!  I haven't written on one of those in years and years!
And here is a bonus picture of Grace and Drew!  We had a fun afternoon, but everyone is exhausted now. Bob will be even more tired, because it's 7:45, and he's not even home from work yet.  Long, long day for him!

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