Monday, October 07, 2013

Oct. 7

I'm getting this post in just under the wire!  Mondays are really busy days, for us, as we prepare for Rivendell on Tuesday.  Mondays are also Anna and Grace's favorite day of the week, because Monday is gymnastics day!  The girls started taking gymnastics at a nearby community center last spring, and then we took the summer off.  They started up again in September, and they absolutely love it.  (I meant to take a picture of them this afternoon but I totally forgot.  Whoops!) 

Remembering to get them to class is always a chore for me.  Today, however, I was on top of things.  I was busy typing up a bunch of notes, homework assignments, etc. right after lunch, but I kept an eye on the clock and told the girls we needed to leave by 2:40.  We managed to get out of the house without upsetting Micah, a feat in and of itself.  Last Monday I took Micah along, since he loves going places, figuring we would have a fun outing at Walmart after dropping the girls off.  Instead, he pitched a royal temper tantrum at the door of the community center because he didn't want to leave (or something?  Not sure really, LOL), so I had to wrestle him out to the van and into his carseat, where I proceeded to take him home and put him down for a nap.  So--him coming along today wasn't an option, LOL.

Anyhow, we left the house at 2:45, and as we came up to turn into the community center parking lot, I wondered why there wasn't a stream of cars coming the other direction from the Catholic school just up the road.  And the parking lot itself seemed very quiet.  Then it dawned on me that the girls' class actually starts at 3:30!  It's only the 5th week of class, LOL.  You would think I would be able to get the starting time right!  So we were *incredibly* on time.  In fact, we had to sit out in the car for 30 minutes, waiting, so I am sure the girls are not going to want to be early ever again!  Of course, I brought my chemistry book, so I had plenty to do . . .

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