Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Oct. 9

Today was an interesting day.  We got a new roof!  The roofers showed up at 7:15 this morning, and the whole day was full of pounding and thumping.  Nathan and Luke have their Potter's School online history class Wednesday mornings, so they had to go to the basement to be able to hear! 

Bob is not actually all that happy with the roof.  The shingles look all wavy and don't lie flat, although the guys reassured Bob that they would flatten down in the next few days . . . Okay, we'll see . . .  Also, they installed a ridge vent, and they were supposed to remove all the other attic vents, but they didn't.  So they are supposed to come back Monday and redo the entire back side of the roof.  Whee!

At lunchtime, in the midst of all the commotion, Nathan went for run.  A minute or two after he left, I saw Luke leap up and out the door as well.  Figuring Micah had something to do with it, I got up and went out the door too.  Sure enough, Luke was hobbling/running up the street, chasing Micah, who was going on a run of his own up the absolute middle of the street with no shoes on.  Fortunately, even a not-yet-100% Luke can still catch Micah, although he did not come back willingly, LOL.  I'm just glad Luke saw Micah go!  Nathan didn't realize Micah had followed him at all!

I went to Wegmans in the late afternoon to get some food.  I have needed to go to the commissary for a few weeks now, but I kept putting that off.  Well, that clearly was a bad decision, now that the commissaries are closed.  I needed things that Sams doesn't sell, like cans of refried beans and chopped green chiles.  I made what I would consider a "small" shopping trip, compared to my normal commissary run, but I completed filled up a Wegmans cart to overflowing, such that the cashier couldn't even fit all the bags back into the cart, since they don't have nice brown paper sacks.  He had to call someone with a second cart to help me!  The carts are definitely not designed for big shopping trips--they have a smaller top part, and then the bottom part is fairly biggish, but it has really low sides.  You can't stack stuff very high!  Commissaries have BIG shopping carts.  If this budget thing ever gets resolved (thank you, President Obama, you big selfish jerk) then I will definitely take a picture!   But at least I can make some more meals now.  And ice cream.  I stocked up on ice cream, so we are definitely good. 

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