Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oct. 13

Today was a busy Sunday!  Bob is helping out in Caleb and Jonathan's Sunday School class this month, so he, Nathan, Caleb, Jonathan, Anna, Grace, and Faith left at 9:15 to head to church, leaving me with just Luke, Micah and Drew.  We had to get Luke to his football team pictures, which were this morning at 10:30.  You would think that would be easy as could be, but Micah pitched a last-minute tantrum, so as always, we were feeling rushed.  But Luke got to the field at the right time, in the steady drizzle.

We then headed off to church (where Micah pitched a tantrum in the nursery, leading me to get called back there on my pager!  But by the time I got back there, he had settled down.)  After church, Bob took Jonathan to get some food for us, and Nathan drove the rest of us over to the football stadium to catch the second half of Luke's game.  They don't usually play on Sundays, but with yesterday being the local high school's homecoming, I guess the fields were full then.

As soon as we walked in, the other team scored, so we had a bad feeling.  We were pleasantly surprised to find out Luke's team was actually winning 18-7!  It was cold and wet in the bleachers, and because we didn't bring the big van, I didn't have Drew's backpack, ergo, or anything, so I just had to carry him, while he whined and fussed about getting down.  Eventually he started wanting Caleb to hold him more than me because Caleb was walking around the sideline, as opposed to just standing in the bleachers, which made Caleb really happy since that doesn't usually happen!

Halfway through the 4th quarter, Luke's team had to punt, and a guy from the other team ran it back into the end zone for a touchdown.  As he was running, one of our guys (our quarterback) ran over to tackle him, and he just got walloped by a blocker with a crushing hit that made a loud sickening crunch as the helmets hit.  Patrick laid there on the ground for awhile, so we knew that wasn't good.  He had actually gotten a big hit last game that made him woozy and took him out of the game.  I was actually surprised he was back this week, but I guess he wasn't showing signs of a concussion this week.  Anyway, the coaches were out there for awhile, and eventually they tried to sit him up.  He was having some trouble breathing, and he was really dizzy when he tried to sit up, so they ended up calling an ambulance.  He'll be out for the rest of the season, I'm sure, meaning Luke will have to fill in for quarterback.  Caleb decided that maybe next fall he will try cross country, instead of football, as he had planned!  (Seventh grade is usually when we start playing football--never before then.)
Luke's team finished up the game with only 10 players this time, but they managed to hold on and win!  One player who has been out for the past 3 games will be back next week, so that will hopefully help.  But they really have no extra people at all.

After the game, we rushed home so Drew could take a little nap, Luke could take a well-deserved shower, and Nathan, Luke, and I could do a little schoolwork.  Then at 4:20, we headed over to my friend Lynnea's house for dinner!  The girls and I try to regularly go over to her house for my girls to play with her younger 2 girls, and for Lynnea and me to visit, but it was fun this time to have all the kids there, and have Bob and her husband Paul around too!  We had so much fun!  She made delicious chili, as well as a pot of ham and bean soup, and cornbread, and she made chicken nuggets for any kids who wanted them.  It was a feast!  For dessert, she made caramel popcorn and this really yummy "oven smores" recipe.  Basically, you put chocolate chips in the bottom of an ovenproof skillet, put marshmallows on top, then broil it for a few minutes.  But you have to really watch it, LOL--we let it go just a bit too long, and the marshmallows caught on fire!  Just like camping!  Lynnea and I scraped off the charred marshmallows, so it was just fine.  Anyway, then you dip graham crackers into the smore skillet--it was so good!  I liked it better than smores, actually, because it was less sticky, and your clothes and hair don't smell like smoke, LOL. 

So we had a really fun evening, and now we are looking forward to a holiday tomorrow!

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