Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct. 29--Dwarves

Nathan and Luke had a party at Civil Air Patrol tonight.  Usually there are 4 Tuesdays in a month, and each Tuesday has a different theme--aerospace education, emergency services, character development, and physical training.  When there is a 5th Tuesday, like this week, the squadron does something special--like a Halloween dress-up party! 

Our younger kids love to dress up, but in general, the older ones don't, really.  We're not the particularly creative type either.  We participate in things like CAP, where there are uniforms, so we DON'T have to be creative with clothes! 

But Nathan and Luke needed costumes.  They wanted to do something "Lord of the Rings" themed, because they are hoping to be able to dress up and go to the midnight premiere of the new Hobbit movies when it opens.  We shall see . . .  They decided to be dwarves, so we hit the party store on Sunday to try to put together an outfit.  We got these lovely wig/beards, which were so realistic and natural looking!  LOL  I spent plenty of time last night braiding them, which was interesting.  The feel of synthetic "hair" in a cheap wig is unique!  Fortunately my Aunt Claire and Uncle Jim gave Luke the "Official Guide" to the making of the Hobbit last year for Christmas, so we had lots of pictures to go by.  The costumes turned out fine, and they had a good time.  Take a good look:  hopefully you will never see so much hair in the house again, real or artificial!
Here is a picture with Helena, my friend Lynnea's oldest daughter, who is also in CAP.  We carpool on Tuesday nights, which is SUCH a blessing!  Helena was an elf, which fit right in with the LOTR theme.  So it was a fun time, but I can't say the boys were sorry to come home and take off the costumes (and the hot wigs)!

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Sarah said...

Those are some seriously awesome costumes.